I pledge myself to remember that at any time and in all places, I am a representative of Baptist Academy. I shall abstain from any word or deed which may discredit the school. I will always endeavour to be loyal to the staff and to all school fellows. I would ever seed to be worthy of the school, to add to its luster and to cherish its highest traditions. I will try to play my part in transmitting them to others, not less but greater and better than, they were transmitted to me. So help me God. Amen.



The need to improve the quality of Education at all levels has continued to engage the minds of all well-meaning Nigerians. This is because of the awareness of the significant contributions which education had made and can make to the five main objectives of Nigeria as stated in the endorsed second National Development Plan as the necessary foundation for National Policy on Education. 

These are:-

•A free and democratic society

•A just and egalitarian society

•A united, strong and self – reliant Nation

•A great and dynamic economy

•A land of bright and full opportunities for all citizens.


Consequently, the quality of Education at all levels has to be oriented towards inculcating the following values:-

•Respect for the worth and dignity of the individuals

•Faith in men’s ability to make rational decisions.

•Moral and Spiritual virtues in interpersonal and human relations.

•Shared responsibility for the common good of the society

•Respect for the dignity of labour and

•Promotion of the emotional, physical and psychological health of all children.

In view of the above, the National Policy of Education (1977), revised in 1981, make provision for the encouragement of Private Organisation and individuals to establish private schools after fulfilling and strictly adhering to certain conditions. Following the takeover of schools by State Government, especially Lagos State Government in the late seventies, Religious Organisations ceased to be in control of schools which they established.

The effect of the takeover of schools was the fall in academic performance of students, low moral standards and deteriorating physical infrastructural facilities in schools. All efforts made by the religious organizations for the government to return these schools to their original owners failed.

But recently, the government has come to terms with the reality that our public schools are not the havens of academic excellence and the expected sound moral ethics, which the old Mission schools stood for. The government saw the need again to involve the Mission in the education and development of the nation, hence the return of some Mission Schools to their Original owners.



Baptist Academy was founded in the year 1855 at Broad Street, Lagos as a Kindergarten school. It was one of the first schools established in Nigeria. The Secondary school section was established about ten years later. The school was moved from broad Street to Ikorodu Road in the fifties so as to give room for the needed expansion and to meet the growing needs of the society. The school had excelled both academically and morally. Many eminent personalities who have the country great had been educated in the school.

Baptist Academy was not left out of the 1979 Lagos State Government takeover of schools by the Civilian Administration.

Thank God for the recent return of schools to their original owners by the Asiwaju of Lagos State – Ahmed Bola Tinubu in August 2001, this made it possible for the Mission to reactivate the abandoned Boarding System in the school.


The Board and the PTA have been very active and helpful to the school. They often meet regularly to help solve or advise on how to solve problems facing the school.


The Baptist Academy Old Students Association (BAOSA) is very virile. The association is always proud to take part in any development projects in the school. This includes supply of Educational materials to the school, renovation of structures in the school, sponsorship of activities etc.


The school strives to maintain a good public image despite the decadence in the society and the moral laxity imported into the school as a result of the government takeover of schools in 1979. But glory be to God for the visions of those who have not taken God out of development of human being and see the need to re-introduce discipline back into the school system. This is really yielding dividends and normalcy has returned to the school.

The Lagos State Baptist Conference and the Directorate of Education, Baptist Mission Schools of the Nigerian Baptist convention have been prompt and very generous to the school in working hard within a short period of time to recruit adequate and qualified staff members for the students, reactivate the dilapidated boarding facilities to cater for students who live far away from the school.

The efforts of the Men’s Missionary Society of Shepherd Hill Baptist Church is highly appreciated as they have not relented in giving Spiritual and Moral Instructions to Students during weekly morning devotions. With the new crop of qualified, dutiful, dedicated, committed staff members, it is hoped that the school is on its way to regaining the past glorious days.


The school is located in the serene area of Obanikoro along Ikorodu Road, Lagos.

  1. The school Architectural Master Plan includes Classroom blocks, Laboratories, Dormitories, Residential quarters for staff, Offices, Library, Assembly and Dining Halls, Playground, e-learning Centre, computer Laboratory etc.
  2. Standard Classrooms to accommodate students.

 iv. The school can boast of standard Laboratories for effective teaching of all the Science Subjects.

The school provides special rooms/centres for Geography, Technical Drawing, Fine Arts, Home Economics, and Typewriting etc.

  1. There is a standard Library with a sitting capacity of over 200 students at a time and it conforms to laid down standard for school and public Libraries.
  2. There is adequate provision for regular water supply and toilet facilities
  3. Fire control equipment in line with the regulations of fire service department is also provided.

 ix. The school has well ventilated dormitories with Beds, Student lockers and dining hall with decent and standard Kitchen with stores.

 x. There are staff quarters on campus to enable the staff supervise the students effectively.

 xi. The school runs a good sick bay with a qualified Nurse to attend to the medical needs of students.

 xii. There is adequate supply of electricity in the compound.


For a broad based and balance education, students are expected to belong to at least two (One academic and one social) of the available approved club activities in the school.

 The clubs and societies may be divided into 4 broad groups: 

  1. Academic Oriented clubs
  2. Voluntary societies, e.g Red Cross
  3. Recreational clubs
  4. Religious Societies. 


The school strives to maintain academic excellence and instill discipline as laid down by the founding fathers. Hence the struggle by parents to have their children educated in the school. Laurels have been won by students in Science, Mathematics, Debates, Sports, Drama and Exhibitions. We are aiming higher and we pray and hope to excel the more.