Rules and Regulations for the Boarding House



  • - Parents are enjoined to cooperate and work hand in hand with the Housemasters, towards making the arduous task of running the Boarding House a huge success.
  • - Students should be returned to the Boarding House on the day and time stipulated for resumption except for special or emergency reasons.
  • - Boarding House visiting day is ONLY the last Sunday of every Month. - Parents and carers please comply.
  • - Parents should endeavour to buy the needs of the students but should not spoil them by giving them pocket money far in excess of what they should have or what is considered reasonable.
  • - Parents should channel their complaints through the attached House Master to the Vice Principal (Admin) or Principal.
  • - Parents should avoid being confrontational in their dealings with staff in the overall interest and proper upbringing of the students.
  • - All fees should be paid on or before resumption. Fees paid are non-refundable.
  • - If any student is withdrawn from the Boarding House, such a student would not be readmitted into the boarding house.



  • - Beds must be properly laid at all times.
  • - Students are expected to observe strictly the hostel timetable, Siesta, Assemblies, Game, Labour, Preps etc.
  • - Students are not allowed to sleep in rooms other than theirs.
  • - Pocket money should be kept with the Boarding House Masters and withdrawn when the need arises.
  • - Students should always be ready for daily room inspection.
  • - All students should bring a full set of cutlery.
  • - Roll call of students in the hostel could be called by the House Master or Prefects at any time.
  • - Students are encouraged to respect their elders and seniors. The younger ones should not be rude or disobedient.
  • - Senior students should treat the younger ones with kindness; they should show good examples to the junior students by being disciplined. They should not take laws into their hands. Cases of insolence should be reported to the Housemaster. Punitive measures would be taken against students who engage in fagging and brutality.
  • - Improper dressing by students would not be condoned. Allowable clothing to be worn are; the School Uniform, House Wear, Sunday Wear and Labour Wear.
  • - Fighting, Stealing, Smoking, Gambling, Alcoholism are offences which will not be treated with levity. Necessary punishment will be meted to offenders found guilty of these offences which could attract an outright expulsion from the boarding house.
  • - Anything observed to be going wrong or which may pose danger to lives and property should be reported promptly to the school authority.
  • - Pamphlets, Pornographic and Sensitively Romantic Books, Magazines, Pictures or Films should not be found with students.
  • - Abusive, uncultured, foul expressions will attract severe disciplinary measures.
  • - Students should guide against sending messages that will create unnecessary alarm to their parents simply because they want their parents to come and visit them.
  • - In case of ill health students should first report to the school clinic.
  • - Students are not allowed to bring dangerous weapons to the boarding house.
  • - Food should be served and eaten while in the Hall and Designated places.
  • - No student should go out of the school premises without an 'exeat' slip from the school authority duly signed by the authorized officer.
  • - Only parents/guardians whose names are registered with the school authority would be allowed to see students during visiting days, and to collect them on vacation days.
  • - On vacation days, parents are obliged to complete the necessary exit formalities before taking their children away.