"Our teachers lead by example, motivating students through their own commitment and enthusiasm."


Students' work is closely monitored and homework is an integral part of learning at Lagos Baptist Academy'. High but realistic targets are set for academic achievement and weekly monitoring of homework diaries takes place. Parents receive further regular communication about their child's progress through a 'half-term grades' progress report.


Most of our pupils enter the school at age 11. In the first three years all boys study a programme which includes English, Mathematics, Basic Science, Social Studies, Business Studies, Geography, Basic Technology and other subjects.

In addition, we actively encourage the study of a range of languages that includes Yoruba and French



At age 14+ important subject choices are made and careful guidance is given to support students in their choices. A core curriculum is followed and three option subjects selected. Pupils normally take 9 subjects at SSS.




Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month


Departmental Fellowship                   

Every 2nd Thursday of the Month